A professional wedding / portrait photographer based in Brunei. Coming from a Web & Graphic design background, I started my photography journey in 2006 where I began exploring different areas of photography such as still life, landscape, portrait and travel, before finally ventured into wedding photography. I love design, fine art and travel and I find most of my inspiration outside the wedding industry.

My approach to wedding photography is all about simplicity and emotion. I truly believe that less is more and a good picture should inspire you and touches your heart. My goal is to find beauty in simplicity and to show the true emotion within.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long have you been a photographer? - Professionally over 10 years.

2. How would you describe your shooting style? - Simple, Casual, Lifestyle, Fine art.

3. What's your choice of gears? - I switched from Canon to Fujifilm in 2015. Currently Im using Fujifilm XT2 and XPro 2. I love the filmic quality and colours of Fujifilm files.

4. Do you shoot wedding alone? - Previously yes but now i have a second shooter to work with.

5. What else do you shoot beside wedding? - Personal portrait, maternity, baby and family.

6. Do you shoot video? - Nope

7. What is your editing style? - Minimal and natural, easy on the eyes.

8. Why are there grains in your images? - I like film-like images. It's the way i like to present my images online, not necessarily in the final products for my clients.

9. What is your album designing style? - Clean and Minimal.

10. Do you teach photography or conduct seminar? - Nope but feel free to ask if you any question regarding photography :)

11. Who inspires you? - My clients and those that love photography.

12. Can i hire you to be my photographer? - Only if you appreciate my art :)